Free school story: Cobham Free School


Cobham Free School is a primary school but will grow to include a secondary department from September 2014. The school was started by a group of local teachers and parents who wanted to help meet the need for new school places in the area.

The School is committed to building substantial and long-term partnerships with its local community, which allows it to offer its pupils unique opportunities in sport and music. 

This is captured in Cobham’s motto ‘Optimum Omnibus’ which means ‘The best for all’, and is what the school seeks to provide by drawing on the strengths of its local community.

It means, among other things, that pupils receive music lessons from teachers at the nearby Yehudi Menuhin School – a centre for exceptionally gifted musicians from around the world – enabling all of them to play an instrument from the age of five.

Their search for local links has also led to a strong partnership with Chelsea Football Club, who train just down the road.  The Club’s coaches now provide the PE lessons for Cobham.  

To help working parents the school offers an extended day, with free after school activities available every day of the week, and on-site wrap around care from 8am – 6pm.

It’s clearly proving popular with them too: the school recently opened up a Year 4 class in response to demand from parents and in 2014 received six applications for every place in Reception.