Free school story: Brighton Bilingual Primary School


At Brighton Bilingual Primary School, half the classes are taught in Spanish and half in English.

The group behind the school was made up of parents and teachers who wanted to open a school with a focus on bilingualism, bi-culturalism and bi-literacy.

Brighton Bilingual’s Headteacher and Chair of Governors both grew up speaking two languages and wanted more children to have the opportunity to do the same. Setting up a new free school allowed them to bring their shared vision to life.

The school’s unique approach and committed team of teachers and parents meant it was oversubscribed before it even opened in 2012, and they now hope to build on their success and open a network of bilingual schools across the country.

Practically, this means that half of classes at the school are taught in Spanish. There is no requirement for students to have any Spanish when they join or speak it at home. They learn all aspects of Spanish - speaking, reading and writing. The expectation is that when children leave the school at the end of year 6 children should be fluent in Spanish.

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