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NSN News
Tue 25 June 2019

"Despite all of the progress we have made in spreading educational opportunity, the sad fact is, as this report from the Sutton Trust shows children’s life chances are still dependent on their parents ability to pay.

"We believe it is quite simply morally wrong that the quality of your education should be dependent on what your parents can afford. That’s why at NSN we campaign to make sure that every child can go to an Outstanding school that helps them unlock their full potential.

NSN News
Mon 24 June 2019

Education and improving the life chances of pupils in England is key to ensuring our social and economic success. Yet reform has stagnated for the past two years, and programmes like free schools and academies have lost momentum. A post-Brexit policy agenda must have education at its heart.

New Schools Network has called on the two remaining Conservative Party leadership candidates to sign up to five key education pledges.

1. Education reform at the heart of next Government

NSN News
Mon 24 June 2019

1. Education reform at the heart of the next Government  

Free Schools in the media
Tue 18 June 2019

The medley relay team had pre-qualified for the Sheffield gala earlier in the year with a qualifying time of 1.13. In their heat, Jacob Cutler, Josh Round, Harry Chandler and Flora Middleton smashed that time, touching the wall in 1.05.6 and qualifying for the 'A final' in 2nd position. The fab four stepped up again for the final, demonstrating their swimming prowess to finish in 1st place with a time of 1.05.00, becoming English Champions!


Free Schools in the media
Fri 14 June 2019

These free schools are opening in areas of high deprivation across England, bringing innovative and successful schools to areas where they are most needed. The free school programme empowers communities to lead improvement in their local area as 60% of groups are from locally based groups.

Among the new schools are:

Fri 7 June 2019

NPP’s 2018 report, ‘Educating the North’ highlights the entrenched inequalities in educational opportunity and attainment between the north and south of England, particularly the capital. The report demonstrates that there is an urgent need for action to close the gap in attainment and opportunity between the north and south. This was emphasised in Wednesday’s evidence session.  

Free Schools in the media
Thu 6 June 2019

NSN’s analysis combined the need for both places and school standards to identify the ten areas most in need of new secondary schools over the coming years as the population bulge moves from primary to secondary age. The research looked at areas which underperformed at GCSE, achieving below the national average for progress and attainment, and which are predicted to run out of school places over the coming years.


Fri 31 May 2019

When the Prime Minister launched the Augar Review in February last year, she said: “The aim of education policy should be to provide the right education for every child…for some children that will be an education that is firmly based in learning practical and vocational skills. For others, it will be an education based on academic excellence.”