The University of Birmingham School promises to offer an education worth £30,000 a year

A free school set up by the University of Birmingham promises to offer an education to it's pupils worth £30, 000 a year. 

Teachers will be paid more and the school day will run from 8.30am to 4.30pm will allow for five hours of enrichment per pupil per week. Michael Roden, the headteacher said:

“In independent and selective schools it’s expected by parents that students will have access to art, music and sporting opportunities, and lots of clubs and societies. I want my kids to have the same opportunities – there’s nothing at all that they shouldn’t be allowed to do.”

Roden also expressed an intention to cut down on paperwork and believes the best way to do is to appoint ‘the best people’, ‘give a clear ethos and direction’ and ‘let them get on with it’.

The secondary free school will open in 2015.

See the full article in The Guardian here

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