Prime Minister visits Ealing Fields

The Prime Minister visited Ealing Fields High School today, a mainstream secondary free school that opened in 2016.

Ealing Fields High School staff and students were delighted to have a very important guest to show around their new school building earlier today.

The Prime Minister, The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, arrived at 9am and was met by the Associate Headteacher, Mark Bedford and Senior Project Manager Keith McGinness of building contractor Bowmer + Kirkland.

After meeting Dame Alice Hudson, Executive Headteacher and other representatives of Twyford CofE Academies Trust and the school’s local governing body, the Prime Minister was given a tour of the new school by Year 10 pupils, who are looking forward to September 2020 when they will move into the new school building after spending four years in temporary accommodation.

The Prime Minister visited the restored historic building at the centre of the site then toured the new teaching block – including the café and science laboratories – and saw how well the old and new parts of the school have been designed to complement one another as well as the excellent facilities the school is able to provide for Ealing Fields students.

The Prime Minister also talked to staff and students about their experiences of school during lockdown due to Covid-19 and how they have adapted to their online teaching and learning.

Representatives of the building contractor were also introduced to the Prime Minister, some of whom have made significant sacrifices to enable work on site to continue in recent weeks.

Mark Bedford, Associate Headteacher said “it was a privilege for Ealing Fields to have this opportunity to showcase the new and impressive school facilities in the final stages of the building project.  Our school aims to grow courageous, compassionate leaders of the future and so to start our journey on the new site with a visit from the Prime Minister was a powerful endorsement.”

Dame Alice Hudson, Executive Headteacher added “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to launch of two additional new schools in Ealing, both of which are due to complete their new building this summer. We are hugely grateful to the team at Bowmer + Kirkland for keeping the Ealing Fields project moving forward throughout lockdown as well as to the Kier Construction team for Ada Lovelace. The period of school closure has tested the creativity of teachers and the resilience of students. Whilst I am very proud of the way they have worked together and maintained standards, we are all looking forward to establishing each of the schools in its elegant new buildings in September in readiness for the new term.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “I was delighted to visit Ealing Fields High School this morning, and hear about the transformative impact their new facilities will have on pupils and staff.

“The science labs, classrooms and other impressive new buildings will benefit Ealing Fields for generations to come - and through our ten-year rebuilding programme, I want more schools to undergo similar renovations to level up opportunities and give every young person the best start in life.

“I also want to thank Dame Alice, Mark Bedford, and all staff for their hard work and careful planning in bringing back around 85% of eligible pupils since lockdown restrictions were eased - representing a significant step forward as we prepare to reopen schools to all children in September.”

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