Prestigious Musicians visit Langley Hall

On Tuesday 13th of October 2020, Langley Hall Primary Academy were honoured with the visit of three very special guests - Debora Grundmann, Nicholas Korth and Nuno Carapina are three professional musicians who work with three top class institutions of this country, the Royal Opera House, the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the Philharmonic Orchestra, respectively.

Deborah, Nicholas and Nuno visited Langley Hall to witness what the school does best within its Music Department and to offer their unconditional support and testimonial towards the opening of Langley Hall’s new Music Academy in January 2021.

The new Langley Hall Music Academy will offer a Musical Programme of Excellence giving students an opportunity to unlock their musical potential, develop their emotional and social skills and build their confidence whilst sharing their achievements proudly. By training and educating young musicians the aim to enrich the musical culture in our local community and inspire not only the students, but everyone involved.

Langley Hall musicians

Nuno was “very impressed with the facilities, the work of the team and indeed with the children” while Deborah expressed her most sincere wishes for the “very best of success” to the new Music Academy and how “it really was a joy to visit” the school. This was an extraordinary opportunity for Langley Hall students to be in touch with such remarkable professionals and to learn about their experiences within the Music industry.

The school are also extremely honoured to have been offered the support and testimonial of conductor Martin Andre for the forthcoming project. Martin Andre is a Fellow of the Royal College of Music and has more than 30 years of experience conducting orchestras and leading Opera productions all over the world, as well as being involved with and conducting Youth Orchestras.

Carla Santos, Head of the new Langley Hall Music Academy, expressed her gratitude to everyone involved in arranging Tuesday’s visit and the prospect of a bright future for music making at Langley Hall Music Academy.