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NSN welcomes DfE grant funding for free school support services

The Department for Education today awarded NSN grants for both free schools support services and the Academy Ambassadors programme.

Mark Lehain, Interim Director, said:

"Combined with today’s announcement regarding the approval of 14 new special free schools, it reassures me that the free schools programme continues to be a priority for the government. With the next window of free schools likely to open in due course, NSN will continue to play an integral role in helping to drive up the standard of education across the country. I look forward to continuing to work with you over the coming months." 

Free schools are more likely to be rated Outstanding by Ofsted than any other type of school, more popular with parents and getting better results. NSN has worked with over two-thirds of the 391 free schools that have opened so far and look forward to working with hundreds more. NSN's priority continues to be helping people set up great new schools in the most disadvantaged parts of the country.

Academy Ambassadors has helped multi-academy trusts to recruit over 900 non-executive directors to their boards since 2013. AA's priority for the future is to help the boards of multi-academy trusts recruit the highest calibre business professionals, particularly those trusts in England’s most disadvantaged areas, to provide the next generation with the best possible future.