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NSN responds to Labour Party consultation

Friday, July 5, 2019
NSN this week responded to the Labour Party’s consultation on proposals for a National Education Service.

Unity Howard, Deputy Director of NSN, said:

“We welcome the Labour Party’s call to empower local communities, which we have identified as a key priority to reinvigorate the free schools policy in our new report Free schools: the next 10 years.

“It cannot be right for a few large trusts to monopolise the sector, nor is it in keeping with the original spirit of the academies and free schools movement. We must continue to push forward the reforms introduced under the last Labour Government that allowed experienced school leaders to work alongside parents, community groups and business to offer outstanding education.

“At NSN, we believe the free school policy should revert back to its original aims, along the lines of the Labour Party’s proposed Co-Operative schools. We look forward to working with colleagues in the Labour Party on these proposals to achieve this shared goal.” 

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