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Fri 27 September 2019

"I am delighted that free schools continue to set primary pupils on the right path to achieving their full potential. For the fifth year in a row, free schools are the top performing school type of school at Key Stage 1 assessment and phonics checks.

"This follows on from successful results days at GCSE and A Level, where free schools were among the highest performing schools in the country.

Thu 26 September 2019

"This vital research by the Sutton Trust has highlighted once more unnecessary inequality in our education system. It is not acceptable for disadvantaged children to fall behind because their parents cannot afford private tuition. In school education should not require supplementary tuition for pupils whose parents can pay when most cannot. Inequality in private tuition is one factor in the challenge to close the attainment gap. But this means we need to focus even more on high-quality education in schools.

Mon 23 September 2019

"It is disappointing to see the Labour Party continue to reject the achievements of free schools. The evidence of their successes is undeniable; they are the highest performing type of state school at Key Stages One, Four and Five and are more likely to be rated Outstanding. Free schools champion social justice, with pupils who receive free school meals performing better than any other type of school and in a number of cases, disadvantaged children are outperforming their peers at Progress 8."

Fri 20 September 2019

“Year after year, finding a suitable site continues to be the single biggest issue for free schools. From a survey conducted by New Schools Network, 70% of open and pre-open free schools identified finding a site as the biggest challenge. Too often, local authorities are dragging their feet when it comes to releasing land for much-needed new schools that will benefit local families. If councils continue to obstruct and delay, the Government should step in and legislate to compel local authorities to release what is already publicly-owned land to new free school groups.

Thu 12 September 2019

"It is critical that schools and parents work together to ensure behavioural expectations are consistent. Collective buy-in provides stability and security for our young people, laying the foundation for deeper relationships to be developed between students, teachers, parents and the local community."

Wed 11 September 2019

"This vital report by the National Audit Office (NAO) has highlighted the shocking deficit in provision for pupils with SEND. We welcome the acknowledgement to the outstanding work of free schools in filling the gap. The current wave of special schools will see another 37 approved to open. Yet, the NAO is correct that this has not gone far enough, there is still a desperate need for special schools. The new PM must deliver on his pledge to put SEND at the heart of the free school programme by committing to opening more."

Tue 10 September 2019

"It is brilliant that the Prime Minister has announced a new wave of free schools. The call to arms for parents, teacher and community groups focussed in areas that have not yet benefitted from the policy is welcome - revitalising the founding principles of the free school programme. We are looking forward to working with these groups across the country.

Fri 6 September 2019

"Any organisation that receives public funding should be privy to scrutiny on their spending to ensure these vital resources are channelled where they are needed most. The success of MATs stems from their autonomy on decision making, but that model is reliant on an effective board. This must be made up of trustees with the right set of skills to able to hold a CEO to account. The Academy Ambassadors programme at NSN places highly experienced business leaders and professionals on MAT boards to bring their commercial acumen and strong financial stewardship."