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Wed 16 April 2014

National primary offer day: Free Schools help to meet places need

Wednesday 16th April marks the first National Offer Day for primary schools and will see children and their parents finding out which primary schools they will be attending.

Natalie Evans, Director of New Schools Network comments:

Fri 14 March 2014

NSN Director Natalie Evans has commented on the Local Government Association report that has revealed a third of councils are facing a shortage of places at secondary level in the next five years.

“Over two-thirds of Free Schools are being set up in areas where there is a shortage of school places and local authorities themselves are able to invite groups to come forward to set up new schools where that shortfall is particularly acute."

Mon 24 February 2014

NSN Director Natalie Evans commented on the growing number of all-through Free Schools being set up across the country in The Sunday Telegraph.

In repsonse to parental demand, the number of all-through schools being established is set to grow by up to one-quarter over the next two years. The main advantages of the all-through model include avoiding the 'dip' in performance that commonly occurs when pupils transition from primary to secondary school and enabling pupils to receive specialist tuition from an early age.

Mon 24 February 2014

A group made up of teachers, parents, a professor of education and a doctor are working to set up the Red Rose Community Free School in Hyndburn to open in September 2015.

Red Rose Community Free School would be Hyndburn's first Free School and would cater for students from four to 19 years old.

The lead proposer of the group, Hattie Mackenzie, cited the desire to give local parents a greater choice in their children's education as a motivating factor in establishing the new school.

Tue 11 February 2014
Tresham College and All Saints Primary School are working together to propose a new all-through school in Wellingborough, and parents will soon be able to learn more about what the proposal will offer for the local community at a series of open evenings.
A spokesman for Tresham said: “The main drive to set up the new school in Wellingborough is to create much-needed school places for the town as a result of a rise in population in the town.”
Thu 23 January 2014

Ten more Free School proposals have been approved by Education Secretary Michael Gove today.

Fri 10 January 2014

Speaking on the day of the application deadline, Natalie Evans, Director of the New Schools Network commented:

Fri 22 November 2013

Natalie Evans, Director of the New Schools Network commented: “Underperformance in any school is completely unacceptable given the costs to students and their families. Too often concerns are not addressed quickly enough or, worse, at all.

"Over 350 (356) maintained schools are currently in special measures, nearly a third of which have languished there for over a year (106 schools, 29.8%). If a school is not good enough we should see swift action. In these cases, this has happened within six months.