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Mon 15 September 2014

The New Schools Network has published a nationally representative survey of parents, testing views on what they think about their local schools and what they value in a good school.

The survey shows that there is significant dissatisfaction among parents with one in four parents saying they would have chosen a different school if they had had the chance. Interestingly, the survey also revealed that 73% of parents would consider sending their children to free schools.

Sun 14 September 2014

 *****1 in 4 would have chosen a different school if they had the chance*******

*****Over 1.6million families rate their local schools as average or worse*****

*******73% of parents would consider sending their child to a free school******

The New Schools Network is today publishing a nationally representative survey of of parents, testing views on how they regard their local school, exploring what parents’ value in a good school and how their own school measures up.

Thu 11 September 2014

Two deputy headteachers have come together to create a propsal for a new all-through school in Lewisham for students aged four to 16, which they hope will be open in September 2016.

Mon 1 September 2014

The Centre for Social Justice has released a report encouraging children's charities to consider setting up new free schools. The report looks at ways in which the link between poverty and educational underachievement can be broken, and the think tank urges more action to help these children.

Mon 1 September 2014

80 new free schools will open this month, joining the 174 already open across England. These new schools bring the number of pupils educated in free schools up to 43,000 and New Schools Network believe that by May next year there will be a total of 400 schools approved to open.

Read the full article from The Independent here.

Mon 18 August 2014

NSN has responded to comments made by Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt on free schools and the shortage of school places across England. NSN Director Natalie Evans said:

"The fact is that two thirds of free schools are being set up in areas where there aren’t enough places, and in London, an even higher proportion; every primary free school opening in London next month is in a borough with a projected shortfall."

Mon 18 August 2014

New Schools Network Director Natalie Evans has written a comment piece for The Spectator on the outstanding A Level results achieved by students at London Academy of Excellence. 39% of students at LAE secured AAB or better and Ms Evans congratulated the school for it's success; "This is a phenomenal achievement, and it shows just what can be accomplished when you start up a new school and have a searing vision of what is possible for the students who will attend that school." 

Tue 17 June 2014

New Schools Network Director Natalie Evans was today quoted in The Times as part of a feature on the performance of free schools and academies. The article referenced Canary Wharf College and Perry Beeches as good examples of free schools delivering a high standard of education to pupils. Natalie said that free schools "are ten times more likely to be located in the most deprived areas. Parents from all backgrounds are voting with their feet in their thousands to secure a place.”