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Tue 1 March 2016

++ Pro-faith school parents up to three times more likely to get their children into a good school ++
++ More than 60 towns and cities where majority of ‘Good’ schools are faith schools ++
++ Choice limited for parents who do not want to send their children to religious or 
independent schools ++


Thu 18 February 2016

Responding to research highlighting a fall in the proportion of students from poor backgrounds going to some of the country’s leading universities, NSN calls for universities to set up their own free schools to prepare pupils from all backgrounds for the rigours of academic life.

Wed 27 January 2016

A relaxation of the 50% intake limit for faith free schools

Currently, when a faith-based free school is over-subscribed, they must limit the number of pupils they accept on the basis of faith at fifty per cent. The New Schools Network recommends abolishing this rule and replacing it with a more effective approach which will not deter potential high-quality groups from establishing new schools.

Thu 21 January 2016

Following the publication of the Oldham Education and Skills Commission’s report this week, the New Schools Network – the charity that aims to improve the quality of education by increasing the number of free schools – has written to the best schools in Oldham, asking them to consider replicating their own success by founding their own free schools.

Fri 15 January 2016

"The vested interests attacking free schools today are simply wrong. The problem is not new free schools but those who seek to block new free schools for political purposes. Anybody who cares about the future of education and the prospects of children up and down the country should come together and work to get new schools open. Free schools are the only way of meeting the need for rising demand for school places and improving standards where schools have been failing for too long."

Mon 11 January 2016

Research by the New Schools Network has found that more than 100,000 school places have been created in schools that are already struggling. With the school age population forecast to rise by nearly 900,000 in the next ten years, local authorities are working to create new places. But 113,000 of these new places created in the last five years are in schools that are lagging behind.


Mon 14 December 2015

++ Schools in the least affluent areas account for only 85,000 entries for Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSEs, compared to 160,000 from advantaged schools ++

++ Pupils in most deprived schools opting instead for ‘Film Studies’ and ‘Health & Social Care’ ++


New research has found that students in the most deprived schools are half as likely as those from more affluent schools to be entered for individual GCSEs in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics

Fri 11 December 2015

"When the old pioneers of education talked about the “three Rs” they knew what they were talking about.