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Thu 12 November 2015


++ Largest schools see a 30% bigger gap between disadvantaged students and others ++

++ News comes as several ‘titan schools’ given go-ahead ++

New research has found that the gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers is up to 30% greater for those in the largest schools than for students in the smallest schools.

Fri 30 October 2015

Saturday is application deadline day for over 500,000 children who are preparing to make the transition from primary to secondary school. As applications close for parents to make their preferred choices of school, New Schools Network has reviewed the data around secondary applications in recent years to understand the trends that families will face this year.

Competition for first choices heats up

Wed 21 October 2015

New analysis casts doubt over the accuracy of Ofsted judgements, with more than a third of primary schools rated as Good or Outstanding by Ofsted failing to ensure that enough of their students get the basics in reading, writing and adding up.

Mon 12 October 2015

New research reveals that free schools are the most popular type of school when it comes to parental preference, for both primary and secondary schools.

Across the country, secondary free schools attracted an average of 3.5 applications per place, 50% more than council-run schools which only saw 2.3 applications per place in 2015. At primary level the comparison was equally stark, with free schools attracting 3.3 applications per place to 2.4 for maintained schools.

Fri 2 October 2015

“Having a robust accountability regime in place is essential for all schools. Ofsted should play an important part in that, as should transparent and easily accessible data on results. Free schools are best placed to drive up standards – and in Ofsted terms, they are twice as likely to be rated outstanding.

Thu 1 October 2015

New analysis has found that the top 500 state schools for A-Level results account for almost 90% of all entries for General Studies and Critical Thinking. The findings suggest that many of these schools are entering students to inflate their overall results.

Although General Studies and Critical Thinking carry the same amount of points as all other A Level subjects, Russell Group universities refuse to include them in student application offers.

Tue 29 September 2015

“We very much hope this is a sign that Labour will consult before determining their position on free schools. It is not true, as Ms Powell once again seemed to imply today, that free schools and academies are less accountable than their locally maintained counterparts. On the contrary, free schools and academies are more accountable than maintained schools. They are scrutinised by the Education Funding Agency, Regional Schools Commissioners and parents directly, while ministers still retain the power, in extremis, to close down a free school. 

Fri 25 September 2015

New analysis shows the full effect of immigration on our schools. Unprecedented pressure on places is contributing to a ‘perfect storm’ for primaries across the country. Not only are they having to absorb rising pupil numbers, but they are also in the grip of a funding squeeze.

Net international migration is at record levels, having risen consistently for the last five quarters. The figure now stands at 330,000 in the last year – the highest ever level recorded.