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Sun 3 April 2016

++ Free schools top all other types of state school in reading, writing and maths ++

++ England outside the global top twenty for reading, behind Estonia and Poland ++

++ Findings come as parents prepare to find out their child’s primary school ++


Tue 29 March 2016

++ Free schools directly tackling places shortage, creating more than 235,000 places ++

++ Councils fail to provide places for local families: up to a quarter of children going out of authority ++

++ Poor standards and lack of places forcing children to travel longer distances ++


Wed 23 March 2016

Funding boost for NSN North set out in Budget

Charity aims to open more good schools across Greater Manchester and the region

Twice as many failing schools in Rochdale and Salford than in Trafford

Fri 18 March 2016
++ London’s educational success tails off after GCSE with A Levels suffering ++
++ 16-19 free schools out-perform all other types of state school ++
++ Inner London comes bottom of the class, lagging behind the North of England ++

New research by New Schools Network and SchoolDash has found that although London children perform significantly better than the

Thu 17 March 2016

“The North/South divide remains an all-too dramatic reality in England – with nearly one-in-three children in the North attending a struggling secondary school. If Government is serious about seeing effective growth and development in the region, this kind of investment in education is indispensable.


“The news that Sir Nick Weller of the Dixons Academies Trust, which already runs several successful free schools, will be leading on the in-depth report into transforming education across the Northern Powerhouse is also great news for the region.

Tue 1 March 2016

++ Pro-faith school parents up to three times more likely to get their children into a good school ++
++ More than 60 towns and cities where majority of ‘Good’ schools are faith schools ++
++ Choice limited for parents who do not want to send their children to religious or 
independent schools ++


Thu 18 February 2016

Responding to research highlighting a fall in the proportion of students from poor backgrounds going to some of the country’s leading universities, NSN calls for universities to set up their own free schools to prepare pupils from all backgrounds for the rigours of academic life.

Wed 27 January 2016

A relaxation of the 50% intake limit for faith free schools

Currently, when a faith-based free school is over-subscribed, they must limit the number of pupils they accept on the basis of faith at fifty per cent. The New Schools Network recommends abolishing this rule and replacing it with a more effective approach which will not deter potential high-quality groups from establishing new schools.