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Thu 17 October 2019

Provisional GCSE results released today show that free schools are once again the highest performing school type at Progress 8, with an average score of 0.21.

This is the third year running that free schools have topped the tables.

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Thu 17 October 2019

"We welcome the Education Policy Institute’s latest assessment of the free schools programme which highlights the programme’s great successes, as well as its shortcomings.

"The above average performance of disadvantaged pupils in secondary free schools proves the policy's potential to transform education and raise standards for those in the greatest need.

"We agree entirely that new free schools should be targeted towards areas suffering from chronic educational underperformance and communities that have been left behind and have been calling for this for some time.

Thu 10 October 2019

"NSN welcomes the Government scheme to provide loans for new schools in housing estates. Bridging the gap in funding from housing developers was a key part of our recommendations in Free schools: The next 10 years and we are delighted the Government has listened to our proposal.

Fri 4 October 2019

"It is truly shocking that a lack of high-quality alternative provision has resulted in local authorities knowingly sending our most vulnerable children to an unregistered, unaccountable 'school'."

"AP free schools offer a truly transformative opportunity for children to thrive in a non-mainstream setting, giving them a real second chance. We cannot allow a lack of provision to write off their life chances." 

Thu 3 October 2019

"New Schools Network welcomes the White Paper published by the Confederation of School Trusts (CST) today. As outlined in our response to the consultation, and in our recent report Free schools: the next 10 years, we believe it is essential that effective incentives are in place to ensure there is enough capacity to sustainably grow new, high-performing single- and multi-academy trusts.

Mon 30 September 2019

"It's fantastic to see the Government throw its weight behind the life changing work of free schools at the Conservative Party Conference today. The panel of free school leaders displayed the diversity and success of free schools across the country, which are transforming life chances for children. 

Fri 27 September 2019

"I am delighted that free schools continue to set primary pupils on the right path to achieving their full potential. For the fifth year in a row, free schools are the top performing school type of school at Key Stage 1 assessment and phonics checks.

"This follows on from successful results days at GCSE and A Level, where free schools were among the highest performing schools in the country.

Thu 26 September 2019

"This vital research by the Sutton Trust has highlighted once more unnecessary inequality in our education system. It is not acceptable for disadvantaged children to fall behind because their parents cannot afford private tuition. In school education should not require supplementary tuition for pupils whose parents can pay when most cannot. Inequality in private tuition is one factor in the challenge to close the attainment gap. But this means we need to focus even more on high-quality education in schools.