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NSN launches manifesto priorities

Saturday, November 9, 2019
Today, the New Schools Network (NSN) is launching its manifesto priorities, calling on all political parties to adopt them in their programmes for the next Government.

The education charity that supports the creation of free schools within communities where education standards are low, have set four priorities for the next government to adopt – putting education reform at the heart of the next Government; opening one hundred new schools every year; investing in the provision for pupils at risk of exclusion and gang violence; and finally, reforming the system to make provision for pupils with special education needs (SEN) fairer.

Unity Howard, Director of NSN said on the launch of their manifesto priorities: “The next government needs to put education reform at the heart of its domestic agenda. There are still far too many communities and children going without access to the best possible education. It cannot be right that whether it be Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision, or just being able to send a child to a great school, there is such disparity across our country. Free schools have a track record of success and delivering for communities, the problem is there simply is not enough of them.

“Today we are launching our manifesto priorities for all political parties to consider and adopt. We want to see a commitment to building one hundred new schools every year; more investment in the provision for pupils at risk of exclusion and gang grooming; and reform to the system so access to SEN provision is much fairer.”

Free schools have a record of achievement demonstrated last month with the provisional GCSE and A level results which placed four free schools in the top ten performing schools in the country and the highest performing schools at Key Stage 4. Moreover, the results showed that students gaining AAB at A level was 23.3% at free schools, compared to 18.7% across the state-funded sector. Putting education reform and free schools at the heart of this is a top priority for NSN, so that this excellence can be spread to all communities across the country.

“Free schools have the power to transform the lives of the children who attend them. That’s why we need many more in areas which have been left behind, to spread educational opportunity where it is needed most, and we hope the next Government will recognise this and adopt our four priorities” stated Unity Howard.

Click here to download our manifesto priorities.