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NSN launches campaign calling on teachers to set up new schools

Friday, April 15, 2016

Calling all teachers! Set up your dream school

++ Campaign to inspire the profession to join the growing ranks of teachers who have already set up new schools

++ Campaign to target over 150,000 teachers ++


New Schools Network, the free schools charity, today launches a campaign designed to inspire the profession to join their colleagues in setting up new schools. 70% of free schools to date have been founded by teachers – a number that has steadily grown over the life of the programme.

NSN Director, Nick Timothy explains:

“It might surprise some people to hear that over 70% of free schools have been set up by teachers. Over the past few years, we have seen a steady uplift in the numbers of teachers coming forward – often wanting to set up the type of school they have always wanted to teach in.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for teachers to create the schools of their dreams. Whether they are working with a group of colleagues, partnering with a community group or leading a free school bid from within their existing school, it is the profession that is driving the development of these news schools, and we want to encourage others to follow in their footsteps.”

The campaign, which will predominantly target teachers online and through social media, aims to reach over 150,000 people in the profession. It will encourage anyone interested in setting up a new school to come forward to discuss their ideas with New Schools Network.

The NSN campaign aims to inspire teachers to grasp the opportunity of setting up a new school and features teachers like Johnette Barrett of Paxton and Gwyn ap Hari and Andy Sprakes at XP.School who have set up schools inspired by new pedagogies and curriculum specialisms which they believed were right for their communities in Croydon and Doncaster.

NSN supported both XP.School and Paxton during their application process:

XP in Doncaster was set up by two teachers, Gwyn ap Hari and Andy Sprakes. They were inspired by the project-based learning model they saw at ‘High Tech High’ in the US and thought it would work well for young people in Doncaster, giving them a chance to reach their potential both in the classroom and outside it.

Johnette Barrett was an educational psychologist and primary headteacher when she decided that setting up a new school in Croydon would be the perfect next challenge for her. She and many of her friends had experienced difficulty finding space in local primaries so she knew there was a need. Research with local parents and students, as well as an understanding of issues like the high level of obesity in Croydon, led her to design a unique school, Paxton Academy, that has a sports and science specialism.

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