NSN's Head of Open and Pre-Open Schools, Sam Fitzpatrick, responds to Ofsted's comments on behaviour management training.

"It is critical that schools and parents work together to ensure behavioural expectations are consistent. Collective buy-in provides stability and security for our young people, laying the foundation for deeper relationships to be developed between students, teachers, parents and the local community."

"We welcome HMCI’s recent comments on ensuring effective teacher training for behaviour management. Schools should be encouraged to develop cultures that best meet the needs of their communities. To this end, it is crucial that the judgements themselves are based on the effectiveness of a school’s approach, rather than the selected methodology."

"Free schools have brought new approaches into schools with phenomenal success. To date, 39% of free schools have Outstanding behaviour. This compares to 17% for all other schools, meaning that free schools are twice as likely to secure the very best learning environments."

"We look forward to responding to the consultation and sharing the wide range of models adopted by free schools in due course."

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