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NSN Director welcomes new Ofsted framework

Tuesday, May 14, 2019
NSN Director Luke Tryl welcomes the new Ofsted framework.

"We know one of the biggest barriers to innovative curriculum thinking has been a fear of falling foul of Ofsted and the experience of some of the first free school inspections confirmed this.

"The new framework should act as a powerful corrective to this. Here at NSN we believe that a rich and broad curriculum should be at the heart of young people’s education; and agree entirely with the Chief Inspector that the “what is being taught” has been neglected for too long. We hope the new framework will reward schools who are ambitious and focus on the substance of learning, rather than simply hoop jumping. At the same time we would urge Ofsted to hold true to its commitment not to impose a one size fits all curriculum. Innovation and diversity are vitally important for driving improvement in the sector.

"Beyond the focus on the curriculum there is much else to be commended. In particular the new personal development judgement has the potential to ensure that the wider work schools do to prepare children for life in modern Britain is given the attention it deserves and we welcome the continued focus on ensuring that pupils learn both to appreciate the commonalities we all share, but also respect the differences that make British society unique."