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NSN Director: We welcome new fund from London Mayor

NSN Director, Unity Howard, responds to the Mayor of London announcement to spend £4.7 million to cut school exclusions in the capital.

"We welcome this new fund from the London Mayor, to help support children struggling to thrive in mainstream schools and reduce exclusions.

"However, opening a pot of funding to support specific programmes is only part of the solution. We must ensure that by focussing on keeping pupils in school, they are able to attend the right provision and school setting that will meet their needs. AP free schools are a successful part of this and they are already doing fantastic work across the capital in schools such as the Boxing Academy in Hackney and Westside School in Hammersmith.

"But despite this there is real lack in the availability of high-quality AP across London. We cannot allow this lack of provision to write off life chances of vulnerable children and allow them to fall into gang violence. The Government must invest in a new wave of AP free schools to meet this growing need.

"Beyond this investment we want to see the Mayor of London work together with all schools, parents, local authorities and charitable organisations like NSN to improve the availability and quality of AP provision in London. This is a crisis where the whole education sector and national, local and regional Government must work together."