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NSN Director responds to CPS report 'Fight for Free Schools'

Tuesday, August 13, 2019
The Centre for Policy Studies today released a new report, written by Suella Braverman MP who co-founded Michaela Community School, titled Fight for Free Schools.

The report offers an in-depth exploration of the history and options for the future of the free school policy, recommending a number of innovative steps to reenergise the policy, including changes to the application criteria, ways to lower the cost of new free schools and an expanded role for New Schools Network.  

Unity Howard, Director of NSN, said:

“I am delighted to see a senior politician highlight the case for free schools. As a key part of the Michaela Community School team, Suella has hands on experience of the free school policy and her report offers an important insight into the process.

“As the report highlights, there is a risk that the original vision for the policy is stalling; our own report, Free schools: the next 10 years, identified similar problems with criteria restrictions and land acquisition and suggests recommendations akin to Suella’s, including legislation to compel local authorities to release sites for free schools and renewed importance on community engagement."

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