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NSN Director: More high quality AP the obvious conclusion from Timpson Review

Tuesday, May 7, 2019
NSN Director, Luke Tryl responds to the Timpson Exclusion Review

"The obvious conclusion to draw from the Timpson Review is that we need more high-quality alternative provision places, and we need them now. Too many young people who have been excluded have been consigned to provision that is not even inspected by Ofsted or to see if it meets basic safety standards – around 20,000 young people who have left mainstream schools. 

“Rather than being given a second chance these youngsters have been put “out of sight and out of mind” and are at risk of being driven into the open arms of gangs as part of county lines drug cartels and knife crime. We know from the 42 AP free schools already open that they are having a genuinely transformative impact on young people’s lives getting young people back on track. That’s not only good for the kids themselves and their families, but for the whole of society. That’s why the Government urgently needs to build more of them so that we stop writing off our most vulnerable young people, and instead give them the proper education that they deserve."