NSN Director, Unity Howard, responds to the Secretary of State's interview on CEO pay.

"Any organisation that receives public funding should be privy to scrutiny on their spending to ensure these vital resources are channelled where they are needed most. The success of MATs stems from their autonomy on decision making, but that model is reliant on an effective board. This must be made up of trustees with the right set of skills to able to hold a CEO to account. The Academy Ambassadors programme at NSN places highly experienced business leaders and professionals on MAT boards to bring their commercial acumen and strong financial stewardship."

"The majority of MAT boards are dedicated to ensuring financial prudence. Our experience, however, is that they are calling out for greater support in understanding how to benchmark CEO pay. More publically available data in this area would be warmly welcomed throughout the sector. This will guarantee they have the most accurate information- enabling them to hold the CEO to account and deliver strong outcomes for pupils in their schools."

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