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NSN Director: Good home schooling should not fear register

Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Responding to the Local Government Association's comments that government proposals to introduce a compulsory register for home-schooled children do not go far enough, NSN Director Luke Tryl said:

"Many parents who home school do so well, and should have nothing to fear from a quality check to ensure their children are receiving a decent standard of education. For the minority who do not or who are using home schooling as a pretext for sending children to illegal unregistered schools, local councils need to know what is going on and be able to take action quickly.

"Unregistered schools are unsafe and leave children at risk of radicalisation and exploitation. Where they exist they need to be closed down. The Government urgently needs to tighten the definition of what constitutes a school and ensure that Ofsted is properly resourced to detect them and has the powers to seize evidence to enable successful prosecution.

"What’s more, the Government urgently needs to move to tackle the use of unregistered alternative provision which leaves some of our most vulnerable young people to be educated in institutions which aren’t even inspected by Ofsted and which leave them at risk of grooming by gangs. It simply isn’t good enough to keep excluded kids ‘out of sight’ and ‘out of mind’ in unregistered provision that doesn’t give them a second chance. Instead, we need to learn from the success of existing AP free schools and – quite simply – build more of them."