The New Schools Network is delighted to announce a non-commercial partnership with the Education Show and bett Academies Summit.

Taking place next month at the NEC in Birmingham, NSN will be delivering four sessions, including a keynote speech by Toby Young, Director of NSN.

The Education Show is the UK’s largest showcase of for CPD, teacher training and educational resources. Each year, thousands of education professionals gather to test and compare the latest resources, discuss policy and practice, and form collaborative links with their peers.

This year sees the launch of the bett academies summit. This summit provides advice and guidance to academies, MATs and schools exploring academisation, and takes place over two days.

Of the partnership, Toby Young said:

“The Education Show is a good way for teachers from schools across the country to come together to discuss and debate education issues.

“I’m particularly excited by the bett academies initiative. There are now around 600 free schools open or approved to open and the New Schools Network is currently working with dozens of groups trying to set up more, so it’s great to have an event where we can share experience and best practice.”

The full programme of NSN sessions can be found below.

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Toby YoungThe Future of Education ReformThursday 16th March, 11:15 - 11:45

Toby Young will analyse the impact of the education reforms that began with the introduction of City Academies in the early 2000s and were extended and built upon by Michael Gove and his successors, and a look ahead to the further reforms coming in this Parliament.

Toby is the Director of New Schools Network. He is also an associate editor of the Spectator and the co-founder of four free schools in West London.

Kate VaughanFree schools: MythbustingFriday 17th March, 15:25 - 15:55

How easy is it to set up a free school? Are they run by parents? Are a majority of them in areas where there’s no basic need? Do they cater for a largely middle class group of students? Are they more expensive to set up and run than local authority schools? Can they pick and choose which applicants to admit? Do some faith-based free schools teach Creationism in Biology classes? A number of myths exist around free schools and this is your chance to ask questions and get informed.


Register for your free pass to attend the Education Show here

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Toby YoungIs the Government's definition of progress too narrow?Thursday 16th March, 16:05 - 16:40

In February 2017, NSN launched a report exploring how the introduction of the EBacc had impacted arts education. As schools prepare to grapple with Progress 8 and Attainment 8, and the possibility that the EBacc may be made compulsory, Toby Young will explore whether the Government’s current accountability framework is hindering arts and technology education and whether its definition of progress is too narrow. 

Leading a new school: Lessons learnedFriday 17th March, 14:20 - 14:50

It’s no secret that leading a school is hard, but is setting up and leading a new school even harder? Our panel of free school leaders will share their experience of leading a new school, the difficulties it poses and give their top tips for doing it successfully.

Chair: Samuel Skerritt (New Schools Network)Panellists: Michelle Long (Principal, Dixons Music Primary); Michael Roden (Principal, University of Birmingham School); Chris Woolf (Pinner High School)

Register for your free pass to attend bett Academies Summit here 

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