New Primary free school offers uniform discounts for the poorest families

A new primary free school in Kilburn will offer 50 per cent discount off its uniforms to the poorest families, its headteacher has revealed. Kilburn Grange School in Priory Park Road will halve the costs for children entitled to free school meals in time for its opening in September. There will also be discounts for the host of after school clubs including yoga, ballet, football and choir, for low income families. The two-form entry co-educational school will grow annually with fresh intakes of four-year olds so that by 2022 it will have 430 pupils. 

Headteacher Helen Richardson said: "To come to a school like this where it's a blend of the independent and the state, those families will get to have those sorts of privileges that perhaps they wouldn't in other state schools. We're going for that blazer, very smart look for example. There's a similar demographic, very, very diverse and that's one of the reasons I came to this school but I do want to make a difference to those pupils." 

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