New autism free school opens its doors

A new autism free school in South Cheshire will opens its doors to children with special needs next week. Church Lawton School, in Church Lawton has been set up to tackle a chronic shortage of specialist places for young people with autism in the Staffordshire and South Cheshire region. 

The special school opened at a temporary base at Pikemere school, in Alsager, last term, but is now preparing to move into a purpose built campus on the site of the former Church Lawrton Primary. Using the shell of an old primary school, which closed in 2009, a radically different design has taken place. The corridors, colour and curriculum space has been dreamt up with an autistic pupil in mind. 

Interim principal Mark Helstrip said: ''It's very well thought out. Each classroom has an individual learning room just off it. That's where teaching assistants can do one-to-one work with children. We've also got little spaces where children can take time out and release their stress.'' 

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