Government announces £1billion coronavirus 'catch up' fund

NSN Director Unity Howard responds to government plans to fund ‘catch-up’ schemes for pupil’s whose learning has been disrupted by coronavirus.

“The Government’s announcement of £1billion in funding to address the impact of coronavirus on children’s learning is very welcome. Pupils not in school nor able to access learning remotely face a legacy of widening inequality that will be felt for years to come.

“The funding package announced today will contribute to small group tuition, extra teaching capacity, access to technology, and summer intervention programs. This funding is desperately needed, and we welcome reports that the Education Endowment Foundation will later today publish guidance on how best the funds can be allocated to ensure they are impactful. 

“This is a great start in addressing the inequality made worse by COVID-19 and will form a basis for a long term recovery. It is important that these funds are distributed to trusts, schools and the regions to use the most effective interventions for their pupils, supported by the best evidence. ”

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