Chapeltown Academy welcomes first students |

Chapeltown Academy welcomes first students

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Chapeltown Academy has become Sheffield's first free school after it opened its doors to 90 sixth form students. The sixth form college was set up to offer greater opportunities for more young people to go on to university and top professions. Despite some initial opposition to Chapeltown's proposal for a new school, the group recieved a lot of support from the local community and are delighted to be finally open.

Headteacher Rebecca Maxted said; “The project is rooted in this community and has been led by demand, young people have been leaving the area for other schools, often taking two buses and travelling for an hour or more to get there. Now they will be able to stay local and not lose two hours a day. Hillsborough and Barnsley colleges do a great job, especially in vocational education, but we want to be a small college solely focused on academic subjects.”

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