Bolton's first Free School to open in September |

Bolton's first Free School to open in September


BOLTON’S first government flagship free school will open its doors in September.

The Olive Tree Primary School — a mixed sex Muslim school which will take non-Muslim children — will open in an existing empty building inHalliwell.

Free schools are part of a government plan to establish schools which are free from local authority control.

Although Bolton Council is opposed in principal to free schools, it says it wants to “work with” The Olive Tree for the benefit of the children.

She added: “We are delighted to be Bolton’s first free school and are ready to embrace what will be an exciting journey.And the new principal, Farhat Choudry, says she wants to become part of the Bolton “school family”.

“We look forward to developing positive links and relationships with the local schools and becoming part of the family of educational establishments.”

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