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Sun 24 November 2019

"It is fantastic to see the outstanding work of free schools recognised by The Sunday Times.

"King's Maths School, Exeter Mathematics School, London Academy of Excellence, Harris Westminster Sixth Form, Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form and Chapeltown Academy embody the transformative opportunities free schools offer communities across the country, in some of the areas that need them most.

Thu 14 November 2019

Within schools, Anti-Bullying Week provides an opportunity to publicise anti-bullying resources, to ensure that teachers and students are aware of what to do if they find out someone is being bullied. Too often, young people don’t speak up for fear of embarrassing themselves, making the bullying worse, or because they feel that no one would be able to help.

NSN News
Mon 11 November 2019

"Justice’s ‘Challenging School Exclusions’ report demonstrates the damaging consequences in the shortage of provision for children at risk of exclusion, particularly those with complex needs. It is not acceptable that disadvantaged pupils, children with SEND and those from minority backgrounds are being excluded, sometimes illegally. 

NSN News
Sat 9 November 2019

1. Put education reform at the heart of the next Government

Education and improving the life chances of children in England is key to ensuring our social and economic success. Unfortunately, the successful free schools and academy reforms started by Labour and built on by the Conservatives have stagnated in recent years. The sector is lacking a direction of travel.

NSN News
Sat 9 November 2019

The education charity that supports the creation of free schools within communities where education standards are low, have set four priorities for the next government to adopt – putting education reform at the heart of the next Government; opening one hundred new schools every year; investing in the provision for pupils at risk of exclusion and gang violence; and finally, reforming the system to make provision for pupils with special education needs (SEN) fairer.

NSN News
Mon 4 November 2019

"We welcome this new fund from the London Mayor, to help support children struggling to thrive in mainstream schools and reduce exclusions.

Fri 1 November 2019

In 1985, The Swann Report revealed the massive underrepresentation of ethnic minorities in Britain’s schools, and its correlation with underachievement amongst Afro-Caribbean schoolchildren. It suggested that black students were less likely to aspire to a career in teaching due to experiences of racism and stereotyping in school, as well as a lack of representation in staff and curricula.

Wed 30 October 2019

Why were you drawn to the education sector?

I think that education is so important. I enjoyed my time at school. My secondary school provided me with lots of opportunities. I was encouraged to develop academic skills alongside other pursuits such as sport and music. I learned lessons there that have stayed with me for life. What young people learn and experience during their time at school can have a big impact on their future. Helping children to secure a great education is one of the most valuable contributions we can make.