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Fri 3 May 2019

Last week, the Independent Schools Council published its annual census. On publication, Julie Robinson, ISC Chief Executive, said “The existence of a private sector eases pressure on class sizes in state schools, and saves the taxpayer £3.5billion each year”. The census also reported a rise in both the number of partnerships projects between state and independent schools, and provision of means-tested fee assistance increasing to a value of more than £420million.

NSN News
Fri 26 April 2019

Director of New Schools Network, Luke Tryl, said:

"While the increase in bursaries for lower income families is welcome, it is a drop in the ocean. Still only a very small minority of children from disadvantaged backgrounds receive support from the independent sector. It is not surprising that many state school leaders think independent schools need to do more to justify their social contribution claims. 

Free Schools in the media
Tue 16 April 2019

Ofsted data shows that 2,223 primary schools are rated as Inadequate or Requires Improvement. This means that around 95,000 four and five year olds will be starting their school days in schools that are not good enough.

Amongst this number, Ofsted has identified 290 ‘stuck schools’ – primary schools which have been judged as Satisfactory, Requires Improvement or Inadequate at every inspection since 2005. The New Schools Network’s analysis estimates that over a million children will have attended these primary schools over the 14-year period.

Free Schools in the media
Thu 11 April 2019

Having won the North Worcestershire Young Enterprise Finals for their environmentally friendly, organic and sustainable beard oil and original beard comb design, tapping into the current trend for facial hair products, Waves were praised for their outstanding marketing and branding.

NSN News
Fri 5 April 2019

Click here to read the NSN consultation response

NSN welcomes Ofsted’s consultation on proposed changes to its inspection framework and the level of detail provided in the accompanying inspection handbook and curriculum research.

Thu 28 March 2019

A pivotal moment for the Trailblazers of Pinner High School: from the start of this half term they are nearer their GCSE exams in Year 11 than they are to their first day of school in Year 7. There is a collective sharp intake of breath when they have this pointed out in assembly. That first first day in September 2016 was surely just yesterday? With over 500 students, nearer 700 by September, and a waiting list of 150 perhaps we might soon be 'the new school' no longer?

Tue 19 March 2019

As a NED on the board of a multi-academy trust (MAT), you know what excellent work your trust is doing to provide a high quality education for your pupils that will prepare them well for the future.

Thanks to the recent launch of the wave 14 free school funding, MATs now have an opportunity to use their commitment, passion and expertise to improve education for even more children in England.