Principal Designate recruitment service

Principal Designate recruitment

NSN’s Delivery Programme provides PD recruitment products bespoke to your academy trust and free school, including:

  • Access to a named NSN Adviser.
  • Access to NSN Specialists.
  • PD recruitment advisory Specialist meeting: NSN will advise on the key aspects of principle designate recruitment, providing an understanding of the role and the skills and capacities required. NSN will also advise on writing your recruitment plan and developing your recruitment pack, as well as outlining best practice for induction.
  • PD recruitment quality assurance Specialist meeting: NSN will test and challenge your drafted recruitment plan and recruitment pack, providing detailed feedback and review of candidate assessment exercises to ensure that you attract the highest calibre applicants and successfully induct them into the role.
  • Detailed written feedback and next steps from each meeting.


If you would like to discuss our support further and access a price list of Delivery Programme products, please book a call with the team.