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Applicant resources: Mainstream and 16-19

The resources below have been developed by New Schools Network to support groups applying to open mainstream primary, secondary and 16-19 free schools. These resources can be filtered by category using the function on the right. It is important that these resources are used in conjunction with the Department for Education's criteria for assessment.

Completing section E2 - Assessment (mainstream)

Section E2 illustrates how the school will measure pupil performance and set challenging targets. This document is intended to help you think about how best to present approaches to assessment, data tracking and monitoring and evaluating the quality of teaching.


Site guidance for applicants

This guidance is for central route mainstream school applicants only. This guidance will help you to identify what you can and cannot do in the application stage to identify potential sites for your free school and will explain what information you will need to provide in section H of the free school application. This guidance will also explain some of the things you should consider when looking for potential sites, and what you can expect if your project is approved to the pre-opening stage.