Section 10 consultation


Section 10 consultation Services

NSN’S Delivery Programme provides section 10 consultation products bespoke to your free school project, including:

  • Access to a named NSN Adviser.
  • Access to NSN Specialists.
  • Section 10 consultation advisory Specialist meeting: NSN will provide a thorough understanding of the requirements of the section 10 consultation and help to determine your strategy, including dates and duration, target audience and material content, as well as advise on how to create a section 10 consultation plan.
  • Section 10 consultation quality assurance: NSN will provide quality assurance and detailed feedback on all of your consultation materials and consultation project plan.
  • Oversight and weekly catch up meetings during the consultation to provide support and challenge, ensuring engagement with key stakeholders. NSN also analyses and shares key insights on responses to the consultation with you, determining the trust’s response to any key challenges.
  • Delivery of a draft section 10 consultation report: NSN will produce and deliver a draft of your section 10 consultation report, compliant with DfE expectations, on your behalf. As well as ensuring compliance, we will save you substantial amounts of time around the consultation period.


As part of our universal support for groups in pre-opening, NSN has produced a Section 10 Consultation: general guidance resource to help you plan your consultation. This can be found on our resources page.

If you would like to discuss our support further and access a price list of Delivery Programme products, please book a call with the team to discuss the specific support you require via