Project Set-up


Project Set-up Services

NSN is here to help you through your project set-up, providing robust advice and quality assurance around your plans to manage your free school’s pre-opening journey. NSN’s Delivery Programme provides project setup projects bespoke to your free school, including:

  • Access to a named NSN Adviser.
  • Access to NSN Specialists.
  • Project Set-Up Advisory Specialist Meeting: NSN will provide a thorough understanding of the pre-opening process and work involved, and support you to plan how to effectively manage it.
  • Delivery of a personalised and robust project plan.
  • Project Set-Up Quality Assurance Specialist Meeting: NSN will review your suite of project management tools and project plan before final submission to the DfE, providing detailed feedback on your plans to ensure that they are robust.
  • Detailed written feedback and next steps from each meeting.


As part of our free support for groups in pre-opening, NSN has produced a list of important resources and guidance. These can be found on our resources page.

  • Project set-up planning tool (2021), (2022)
  • Launch Assessment tool
  • Pre-opening guidance: Useful links and resources

If you would like to discuss our support further and access a price list of Delivery Programme products, please book a call with the team.