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Offers for free schools

NSN has brokered the following offers on behalf of open free schools. Please note, NSN has not undertaken any form of due diligence of the services offered by partner organisations (and cannot be held responsible for the quality of services listed here). As ever we would recommend that free schools undertake appropriate checks themselves.

Thu 9 November 2017

Piota school apps are used by 300+ schools to provide better information to parents and students while saving time and cost internally.  

Each school app is individually customised for the school, and carries news, messages, events, key information, contacts, forms, feedback surveys, Twitter, Facebook, PDFs, videos and more. All of this information can be managed with optional alert notifications to everyone with the app, or sub-groups, or even individuals.

Wed 4 October 2017

TheSchoolBus provides online support for thousands of schools and academies – offering actionable advice, a question and answer service, the ability to request any document, and over 1,000 carefully crafted and compliant model documents.

Every policy is created in-house by education specialists using the latest guidance and legislation — with over 350 thorough and accurate policies to choose from, we ensure peace of mind for our school leaders.  

Fri 12 May 2017

New Schools Network (NSN) and the National Association of Independent and Non-Maintained Special Schools (NASS) are delighted to be working together to offer support to special free schools.

NSN has a key role in helping free schools post-approval, and is now working with NASS, which has a strong reputation for supporting and representing non-LA schools, to provide a support system for special free schools once they are up and running.


What does this mean for my school?

Your school can get involved in the following ways:

Thu 4 May 2017

The National Association of School Business Management (NASBM) are offering a special offer to free schools of 15 months membership for the cost of 12 months. 

NASBM are offering a special offer to free schools of 15 months membership for the cost of 12 months. To apply for membership and receive your extended membership please visit: and quote FSN1512.

Thu 4 May 2017

The Key for School Governors is the national information service that provides governors with instant answers to questions on all aspects of school governance, allowing you to save time and focus on higher value tasks. Members use the services to gain confidence in their role; quickly get to grips with key issues and access practical resources including clear explanations of governance roles and requirements; summaries of changes in the sector; checklists; templates and much more. 

Thu 4 May 2017

The Key for School Leaders is the national information service that provides busy school leaders with access to instant; accurate and impartial answers to question on all aspects of managing a school. On average, The Key adds 13 hours' capacity to a senior leadership team every week. As well as increasing efficiency, The Key keeps you up to date with changes to the inspection framework and provides templates and checklists to help you become Ofsted-ready.