Support for open free schools |

Support for open free schools

Support for open free schools

All support for open free schools is free of charge. Our support includes:


Associate meetings

NSN’s team of Associates are on hand to offer guidance to open free schools on a number of issues, including governance, site, finance, pupil recruitment and staffing.

Training for free school media spokespeople

An intensive session with an experienced media trainer to prepare free school leaders for media engagement. 

Invitations to NSN Spotlight visits to open free schools

These regular events provide free school leaders with an opportunity to visit other high-performing free schools to share best practice.

Networking opportunities

In addition to a regular programme of events, NSN provides focused opportunities for school leaders to share their expertise and experiences of running successful free schools.

Events, workshops and seminars

In association with external partners, NSN facilitates a series of events, workshops and seminars to discuss issues affecting open free schools.

Visits to open free schools

NSN Advisers regularly visit open free schools to learn more about past and present challenges, to offer support and guidance, and to share best practice.

Question-and-answer service

A helpdesk service for all free schools, NSN answers any questions you may have over the telephone or by email.

Regular newsletters

All open free schools receive a regular update from NSN with information about upcoming events, policy news and links to useful resources.


NSN develops guidance to support free schools with the challenges of opening and running a new school.

If you are interested in finding out more information about NSN’s support for open and pre-open schools, please contact the Delivery team at, or call 020 7952 8559. We would be happy to discuss how we can support your free school project.