Discounted School App for parent and student communications, engagement and recruitment |

Discounted School App for parent and student communications, engagement and recruitment

Piota school apps are used by 300+ schools to provide better information to parents and students while saving time and cost internally.  

Each school app is individually customised for the school, and carries news, messages, events, key information, contacts, forms, feedback surveys, Twitter, Facebook, PDFs, videos and more. All of this information can be managed with optional alert notifications to everyone with the app, or sub-groups, or even individuals.

The app is simple to administer and makes parents’ and students’ lives easier as all everyday information can be pushed straight to their phones and stored there in one place for immediate reply or later reference as required. 


In the pre-opening and Year 1 phase, the app can particularly help recruitment and retention by boosting your brand. Only about 5% of schools have an app (vs 95%+ people with smartphones) so ask prospective parents and students to download the app when they visit the site and you will stand out as a progressive school as well as having a differentiated way to keep them in touch with school developments between then and decision time.


The usual annual cost is £1 per pupil per year, subject to minimum prices of £500 per primary or special school and £1,000 per secondary. Consequently, if a primary school has less than 500 pupils, they have to pay the minimum price of £500. In addition, there is a one-off set up fee of £200 for primary and £500 for secondary.

For free schools we are pleased to waive the setup fee and scale up the annual minimum cost from a 50% discount at year 1 to the usual level over 3 years. This means free schools will be subject to a £250 minimum spend per primary and special and £500 per secondary for the first year. This would go up to 75% of the usual minimum cost in the second year, and then 100% in the third year.

Alternative Provision free schools are subject to a £250 minimum spend on a permanent basis, which would never be scaled up.

James Dickson, founder of Piota, is an independent advisor to the DfE’s free schools programme.


To redeem this offer, free schools can use the discount code NSN2017 on when filling in their details on Piota’s website