The NSN Hub brings free school leaders together to learn, support and inspire one another.

The NSN Hub, available through any web browser or mobile app, provides free school leaders with:  

  • Direct access to other free school leaders, Hub Mentors, NSN Advisers and Specialists;
  • Access to online events, training and networking sessions – focusing on the specific challenges facing free schools
  • Quick responses to questions that don’t have obvious, immediate answers.

The Hub is a private, social network and completely free to use.

Why we built it

Challenges associated with the coronavirus pandemic will be with us for a little while longer. Among other things, dealing with the crisis has underscored the value of maintaining focused, open and engaged networks.

NSN has been blown away by the extent to which free school leaders have reached out to their peers to work through shared challenges together. NSN wants to make that even easier for pioneering school leaders.

The NSN Hub provides a space for free school leaders to connect and find solutions to the issues which come up from running a new school.

Who it is for

Initially, only free school leaders from schools that opened in 2019 or 2020 will have access. This is so we have the opportunity to refine how the NSN Hub is used and ensure we are providing the resources and support necessary. We aim to open the community up to other free school leaders later this year.

You can register for the NSN Hub here