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Book a visit to your school

NSN is keen to visit as many free schools as possible, to learn more about the exciting things you are doing and help support you through your school's growth and development phase. We have developed a package to help support open schools and would love the opportunity to discuss ways in which the NSN Delivery Programme can support you in the future.

By visiting schools we will:

  • Identify and facilitate the sharing of best practice across different phases and types of open free schools
  • Build relationships with schools and school leadership to:
    • Provide support to address current concerns for the school
    • Encourage school to school and leader to leader support
  • Learn about the challenges that schools have faced or are facing and to:
    • Hear how they met and/or are meeting those challenges
    • Provide an opportunity to for schools to let us know what type of support they would like to have access to (whether from NSN, the DfE, MATs, LAs, or other organisations)
  • To make open free schools aware of the services and support NSN offers as an organisation
  • Understand and explore whether we can support the school’s and/or trust’s plans for the future in terms of:
    • School improvement as the free school becomes established
    • Governance arrangements (e.g. SAT conversion to MAT, joining another MAT)

Fill in the form below to request a visit from a member of NSN's Open and Pre-open Schools team. Visits last no longer than two hours.