NSN Delivery Programme

We know that the pre-opening period is a long and complex process, requiring you to dedicate a large proportion of capacity, be able to adapt quickly and learn along the way. New Schools Network (NSN) can support you through the pre-opening process to help you navigate and complete key tasks, ensuring that your free school project opens successfully.

The NSN Delivery Programme is designed to address the challenges of the rigorous pre-opening process. The Delivery Programme provides personalised support products for your project, providing your team with advice, quality assurance and even delivery of crucial documents, helping you best prepare for critical tasks and add capacity to your project. This exclusive Programme has been developed to comply with Department for Education and Education & Skills Funding Agency guidance to fill gaps in your capacity and capability, providing a range of products to prepare your school for a successful opening.

No two pre-opening projects are the same. However, we can guide you through the pre-opening process using NSN’s unrivalled knowledge, and experience informed by our work with over two-thirds of open and approved free schools. Whether you are newly approved to open a free school or if you are already deep into the pre-opening phase, via presumption competition or central wave, we can provide Delivery Programme support for you and regardless of the phase or type of your free school.

The Delivery Programme is a bespoke support service, tailoring our products to the needs of your project. You can find out more about each of NSN’s Delivery Programme products by clicking on the links below, or by downloading our brochure here.