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Fri 17 July 2020

Marine Academy Primary (MAP2) is a school based in Plymouth, one of the more deprived cities in the South-West, with 30% - 12% above the national average – of the school’s pupil classed as disadvantaged and over 110 families on food vouchers since schools shutdown. Enabling underprivileged children to gain the knowledge that they need for success in later life underpinned the school’s decision to follow official guidance and open their doors to certain year groups in early June.

NSN News
Thu 2 July 2020

Unity Howard, Director of NSN said:

"It's absolutely right that there is a commitment to a full scale return to school from September - we want to see every child, every class, and every school back so that learning can get back on track. It's the right thing to do, and we can only hope that the unions see sense and don't try and obstruct this move.

Free Schools in the media
Mon 29 June 2020

Ealing Fields High School staff and students were delighted to have a very important guest to show around their new school building earlier today.

The Prime Minister, The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, arrived at 9am and was met by the Associate Headteacher, Mark Bedford and Senior Project Manager Keith McGinness of building contractor Bowmer + Kirkland.

Fri 26 June 2020

Schools in XP School Trust deliver a curriculum which is academically rigorous, standards-based and destination focussed. Pupils are taught through cross-subject Learning Expeditions which connect students to the community and the world. XP Schools have a relentless focus on beautiful work and character growth and the trust is committed to making sure that pupils continue working hard, getting smart and being kind while learning at home.

Fri 26 June 2020

Early March

The writing is on the wall.  Schools are probably going to close so we need to prepare.  

I tell staff to start preparing material which could be done remotely – "snow day" work.

Fri 19 June 2020

Schools are, and will remain for some time, centre stage in the nation’s mind. Through partial closure to wider reopening, the magnificent job being done by leaders, teachers and support staff has been in the spotlight, reminding parents and the public alike just how vital schools are to their community. Coupled with this is upheaval to many people’s lives which has brought with it space to reflect on how and where we work and contribute to society. Given the ease of recruiting virtually, these circumstances lead to a great opportunity for boards to secure new trustees.

NSN News
Fri 19 June 2020

“The Government’s announcement of £1billion in funding to address the impact of coronavirus on children’s learning is very welcome. Pupils not in school nor able to access learning remotely face a legacy of widening inequality that will be felt for years to come.

NSN News
Tue 16 June 2020

“The findings of this report confirm our fears that school closures have disproportionately impacted children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“According to the report, just under a third of pupils from a deprived school have returned their last piece of set work, in comparison to their peers in more affluent areas where around 49% of pupils have submitted work.