Finance and Funding


Finance and Funding Services

NSN has vast experience of supporting the financial planning of free school groups to maximise value for money in your budgets. We can support you to ensure that your budget forecasts demonstrate viability for your new school, drawing on best practice and guaranteeing compliance with DfE expectations.

NSN’s Delivery Programme provides post-opening financial planning products, bespoke to your free school project, including:

  • Access to a named NSN Adviser.
  • Access to NSN Specialists.
  • Post-opening funding advisory Specialist meeting: NSN will advise you on the key aspects of post-opening financial planning and management, ensuring that spending is essential to the development of the school and provides good value for money based on pupil projections. This also encompasses advising you on how to complete your financial plan.
  • Post-opening funding quality assurance Specialist meeting: NSN will test and challenge your drafted financial plans and provide detailed feedback prior to submission to the DfE to ensure that requirements are met.
  • Detailed written feedback and next steps from each meeting.


As part of our free support for groups in pre-opening, NSN has produced a list of important resources and guidance to support your financial planning. These can be found on our resources page.

  • Pre-opening budget guidance
  • Procurement guidance
  • Pre-open budgeting tool

If you would like to discuss our support further and access a price list of Delivery Programme products, please book a call with the team to discuss the specific support you require via