Open School Specialist Meeting - Finance and Governance |

Open School Specialist Meeting - Finance and Governance

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We are pleased to invite you to book a free, confidential meeting with one of our expert Specialists to receive expert advice and guidance with your challenges related to COVID-19.

Our finance and governance Specialist Graeme Hornsby has experience providing COVID-19 support to schools in the following areas:

  • Budget proposals for 2020-21 and beyond.
  • Internal scrutiny arrangements and programmes of internal audit.
  • Streamlining of work programmes for governance to focus on key issues.
  • Revisions to articles of association to provide for remote decision making and power of chair to act in emergency.
  • Revisions to tendering arrangements.
  • Remote training sessions for clerks and aspiring headteachers.
  • Review of financial procedures.
  • Advice to chairs on maintaining and effective working relationships with CEOs.

If appointments are no longer available, please email and we would be happy to find a time that suits your availability.