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DfE and NSN Building Design Roundtable

Event details

In partnership with the Department for Education, NSN is hosting a two-hour roundtable to generate insight about trusts’ experience of the DfE free school capital building services.

The DfE Free School Capital team is committed to listening to trusts about their customer experience. To inform this process, NSN has been holding regular roundtables with free school leaders to provide a platform to share their experiences to date and to suggest future improvements.

Discussion will focus on:

  • understanding more about how pedagogy and curriculum impacts on the physical spaces required, as well as
  • modern construction methods, such as offsite construction and modular buildings.

As such, we actively encourage trust executives and free school leaders to attend who have views on these two topics, especially those with particular pedagogies, organisation or curriculum requirements which impact on the design of buildings.

Each free school is invited to sign up one attendee. If you have any further questions, please contact open@newschoolsnetwork.org.

We look forward to seeing you there.