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What's at stake?

Members play a critical stewardship role in state-funded education in England. They’re charged with upholding the integrity of governance within their trust/foundation, functioning as the last line of defence against ineffective — or failing — governance. 

It’s a distinct, nuanced role. While not directly involved in day-to-day operational or strategic decision making, members remain key custodians of education. As such, they’re accorded with limited but significant powers enshrined within company law, as well as their trust's or foundation's articles of association. 

However, the role of the member is often misunderstood. This ambiguity alone has the potential to undermine the integrity of an entire governance structure. It is absolutely critical, therefore, that members recognise their duties and possess the capability to decisively exercise their powers. 

Getting it right

Experienced professionals with backgrounds in corporate governance, audit, compliance, charity/corporate finance and legal are, understandably, much coveted. We’ve been matching senior professionals to board governance roles since 2013. We’ve seen first-hand the fortitude assured appointments impart throughout the organisations they serve. 

We find exceptional member candidates to meet your circumstances and requirements. We do this in four simple steps:

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Our Premium Member Recruitment Service starts at £1,950 per role (including VAT). There are no upfront charges – billing is due once you confirm your intention to interview candidates from the shortlist provided.

We offer significant discounts to trusts/foundations recruiting multiple members at once. To get receive a pricing estimate, please complete this form

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