By working together, inspirational educationalists and talented business leaders can provide a better future for the next generation by improving the life chances of young people, particularly the most. 

The non-executive director role on the board of an academy trust is profoundly rewarding. Through volunteering time, skills and expertise, non-executive directors:

  • Give back - helping the next generation on their way up
  • Improve the life chances of young people, particularly those from the most deprived backgrounds
  • Raise standards in schools, improving the calibre of school leavers 
  • Gain unparalleled leadership experience utilising expertise in a completely new sector

The rapid growth in the number of academy trusts has generated exceptional demand from trusts for business leaders to join their boards. Education leaders recognise that they cannot transform standards alone. The demand for non-executive directors ranges from start-ups to the largest trust in England.

Making a difference

Non-executive directors have influence and impact in academies. Their authority is backed by the devolved funding, accountability and control inherent within the academies’ organisational structure. 

Academy trusts have a clarity of purpose that gives the non-executive director role focus as academies are ‘pure play’ organisations established to raise standards and performance. The non-executive directors introduced to trust boards by the Academy Ambassadors Programme have made and continue to make a significant difference to trust performance.