The Europa School offers pupils a European education and a unique chance to learn in another language all the way from Reception to Year 13.

At Europa School all pupils learn in two languages from the moment they join the school, spending half of the week learning in English and the other half learning in either French or German. Complete immersion in each language and the support of staff who are native speakers’ means that by the time they leave the secondary section of the school, many pupils can expect to have language skills in two languages that are at or close to native speaker level.

Learning at the school isn’t just about languages though. Instead of the National Curriculum, pupils follow the European Schools’ Curriculum. This curriculum which has been successfully used in schools across the EU for decades is based on enquiry and experimentation.  A genuinely multi-cultural perspective is achieved by learning subjects through two languages as well as learning about the history and culture of countries across Europe, rather than just the UK. Pupils also benefit from being taught by teachers who come from all across Europe and bring with them a range of different educational approaches, as well as the qualifications needed to teach in England.

All pupils are expected to take and be examined in a broad range of subjects up until 18, at which point they achieve the European Baccalaureate, which allows them to apply to any university in the EU. And just like in most other European countries pupils at Europa don’t wear uniform either!

Being a free school means that Europa is able to offer children a curriculum that will open their minds to the great variety of cultures around them, as well as giving them language skills that will stand them in excellent stead in an increasingly globalised world.