End of Term Report

Headteacher Chris Woolf returns to the NSN blog to reflect on the first term of Pinner High School

In a term of firsts where do you start with highlights? The first school trip? First sporting fixture? First performance?

Each of those were milestones in the development of Pinner High School. Our first trip saw the whole school visit the Hillingdon Outdoor Adventure Centre in early September. We built rafts together, but we really built our community. Students came out of the water firmer friends than when they fell in, those bonds still with them now and into the future.

Boys and girls football and badminton teams have represented the school with distinction. The results were less important than the taking part, though this Headteacher did get a little over excited during an emphatic victory over Avanti House, with whom we temporarily share our site.

Performances have been plentiful since the Trailbazers Choir, featuring every single member of Year 7, made their debut in front of a thousand people at open evening in early October. They were on stage at the opening of the Heath Robinson Museum, at Pinner Panto, and our own end of term celebratory concert.

Whilst those are certainly big moments in a very exciting term, it is the way the students, who were just names on a list at the start of term, have brought the Pinner High School Values bursting to life that is the real highlight. Colleagues who arrived with just proposals, plans and projects have created so many opportunities and brilliant lessons for them in such a short time. It is not just the firsts: we've had our second school trip too, a brilliant day at the new 'Wonder Lab' at the Science Museum. Taking the whole school on London Underground felt like a huge undertaking, but one that was all taken in their stride, students and staff alike.

As the first first term comes to a close, what would the end of term report say? That student applications are up more than 20% for next year from an already healthy total. Perhaps noting The Harrow Academies Trust monitoring visit with reassuringly positive feedback. Or The Department for Education spending a day observing lessons and analysing school performance data, with further extremely encouraging comments. It would certainly feature feedback after our end of term concert when one gentleman remarked to me 'your team are a credit to education given all that you've achieved in just three months'.

So it was a Happy Christmas at Pinner High School. 2016 started quietly, but roared into life from September. But there are plenty of New Years Resolutions to make 2017 even better still.